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Bruce Rosa (center) of Stamford is joined by friends (L-R) Bob Faillaci, Peter diSpagna and son-in-law Michael Lupinacci at CT Lottery Headquarters
Winner:Bruce R, Stamford
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High Ridge Convenience Service, Stamford
Stamford Man's Cash5 Top Prize Win Feels Doubly Good the Second Time Around"Oh baby, I can't believe I did it again," said Bruce Rosa of Stamford after he confirmed his Cash5 ticket numbers were an exact match to the winning numbers drawn for July 5.  And it's no wonder.  It was the second time in just over a year that Rosa beat the odds and won the Cash5 top prize playing his own numbers.

The Cash5 winning numbers drawn on July 5, 2019 were 4 - 16 - 17 - 23 - 33.  Of the 4,000 winning tickets sold statewide, only one ticket  –  Rosa's – held a five number match worth $100,000.

After Rosa's first win occurred on April 27, 2018, he continued to play Cash5 based on a tip passed on by his father-in-law.  "He told me to play the same numbers I won on before, but by one digit lower.  I played the first three numbers that way.  I messed up the fourth number (23), because I didn't have my glasses on, and decided to play the last number the same as before," Rosa said.

After the Cash5 drawing occurred Saturday night, Rosa looked at the Lottery's website and saw there was one top prize winner.  "The winning numbers looked familiar, but I was too lazy to get out of bed to check my ticket," Rosa said with a laugh.  "The next morning, I checked my ticket and that's when I knew it was a match."

Rosa arrived at CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill today, accompanied by two close friends and his son-in-law.  All were there to cheer Rosa's good fortune, and to partake in a celebratory lunch afterwards at a restaurant nearby.

Rosa's Cash5 winning ticket was purchased at High Ridge Convenience Service at 910 High Ridge Road, Stamford.  The retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the CT Lottery for selling the winning ticket.


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