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Raymond Fournier of Manchester claims new draw game’s top prize with lucky 8 lines
Winner:Raymond Fournier, Manchester
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Quick Mart, Manchester
Lucky Links with 2XPOWER Draw Game Creates First $50,000 Top Prize Winner!Raymond Fournier of Manchester arrived at the CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill today with little extra spring in his step thanks, no doubt, to the Lucky Links™ with 2XPOWER top prize winning ticket in his pocket for $50,000. Fournier is the first top prize winner in the game since ticket sales began on April 26. “I knew the top prize was $50,000, but I never thought I’d win it!” said Fournier, with a laugh.

The winning Lucky Links Night numbers drawn on May 19, 2015 were 2 - 4 - 5 - 11 - 15 - 17 - 19 - 20. The “Quick Pick” numbers on Fournier’s “play grid” were a perfect match to the winning numbers drawn, which created 8 winning lines for the game’s $50,000 top prize. In addition to the single $50,000 top prize, 1,317 tickets for that date contained 2 to 6 lines for prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.

“I checked the winning numbers on my computer this morning and wrote them down on a piece of paper,” Fournier told Lottery officials, affably. “I thought I was looking at something wrong because all the numbers [in the play grid] matched. That’s when I asked my wife to check my ticket. She told me the numbers were all there—it was a $50,000 winner!”

What makes Lucky Links with 2XPOWER unique is the play grid printed on each ticket. The 9-spot grid contains 8 differently numbered spots which are then compared to the numbers drawn by the Lottery in the game’s mid-day and evening drawings. A “$” in the middle of the grid is a “free spot” that is used to form lines. A win occurs when at least 2 lines are made on the play grid. The maximum number of lines that can be made on a ticket is 8. Prizes that can be won range from $5 up to $50,000 in each drawing. By adding the “2XPOWER” multiplying feature to a ticket, some of the game’s prizes can be doubled.

Fornier’s $50,000 top prize winning Lucky Links Night ticket was purchased at Quick Mart, located at 1 Broad Street in Manchester. Quick Mart will receive a $500 bonus check from the CT Lottery for selling the ticket.


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