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Frank Bonadies claims Lucky for Life’s second highest “For Life” prize
Winner:Francis Bonadies, Winsted
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Winsted News & Variety, Winsted
Extra “Lucky” Quick Pick Rewards Winsted Man with “$25,000 a Year for Life”“Lucky” is finding an open parking spot right in front of the store where you buy your lottery tickets. Extra lucky is then purchasing a Lucky for Life “Quick Pick” ticket for March 26 and matching five of the winning numbers drawn for the game’s second highest prize, $25,000 a year for life.

“Every week or so, if there’s a parking spot open at the store, I pull in and buy a few tickets. If there isn’t a spot—I don’t buy any,” Frank Bonadies of Winsted told lottery officials. “When I checked my tickets online Sunday and saw the match, I didn’t believe it at first, so I went down to the store to have them check it. [The retailer] had a big grin on his face, shook my hand and said congratulations. By the time I drove down the road, it really sunk in and I was crying. I was so happy,” Bonadies said.

The winning Lucky for Life numbers on March 26, 2015 were 26-31-33-45-46 with the Lucky Ball number of 15. Bonadies’ Quick Pick ticket matched the first 5 numbers drawn, but missed the Lucky Ball. For making such a lucky match, Bonadies was rewarded with the game’s second highest “For Life” prize, $25,000 a year for life. A second “$25,000 a year for life” prize winning ticket was also sold on that date to Alfred Arellano of Stratford.

Bonadies arrived at Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill yesterday and opted to claim his $25,000 a year for life second prize in a one-time cash lump-sum of $390,000 (value before taxes). “This is such a blessing. It couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Bonadies. “It will help to make some much needed repairs on my old Victorian house, and to take my mom on a vacation. In her whole life, she’s never been on a real vacation.”

For selling the $25,000 a year for life prize winning ticket, Winsted News & Variety, located at 418 Main Street in Winsted, will receive a $2,500 bonus check from the CT Lottery. “Since Frank won, we’ve been crazy-busy at the store selling tickets,” said Winsted News & Variety owner, Darin Barber. “Everybody who knows Frank is very happy for him. He’s a good guy.”


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