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Players Pick Up $52,335 in Extra Prizes During Play3 Day “Bonus Payout” PromotionOver the past four weeks, CT Lottery players enjoyed the benefits of winning up to 20% more in extra prizes during the “Play3 Day Bonus Payout” promotion, which began on January 22 and ran through February 18. 

During that time, the special “Bonus Payout” was derived through the use of an additional Play3 Day ball machine, which contained 7 balls—6 white and 1 red.  If the Bonus Payout “Red Ball” was drawn, any player holding a winning ticket for that draw automatically received additional prize money, over and above the game’s regular prize payouts.

Over the course of 28 days, the Bonus Payout Red Ball was drawn a total of 7 times resulting in 2,514 additional wins and $52,335 in extra Play3 Day Bonus Payout prizes.



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