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Lottery Celebrates End of Summer with Play3 Day Number 9-2-2In addition many a lottery player’s fondness for playing “birth years” like 1-9-5-8 and single digit numbers like 5-5-5-5, it’s apparent that players also like to play the current date. Capping off the official end of summer, the number 9-2-2 was drawn in today’s Play3 Day drawing.

Statewide, after all winning claims are presented, $504,731 in prize money will be paid out by the CT Lottery to the winning ticket holders with the number combination 9-2-2.

“Playing numbers with special significance is an entertaining pastime of many of our lottery players, which makes the timing of the number 9-2-2 being drawn on the last day of summer especially fun and exciting,” said Diane Patterson, CT Lottery’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales.

Because Play3 prize payouts are based upon the amount wagered, players who had 9-2-2 on their Play3 Day tickets for September 22, 2015 can expect to win from $25 up to $2,500 per wager in prize money.



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