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“1958” Was a Very Good Year for CT Lottery “Play4 Night” PlayersIn 1958, Dwight D. Eisenhower was President, 14-year-old Bobby Fischer won the U.S. Chess Championship, "Volare," recorded by Domenico Modugno, was at the top of the song charts, and the movie "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman was a big hit. Maybe 1958 was the year you were born (like Michael Jackson), graduated college, got married, welcomed your first child or hit your first homerun. Whatever the reason, according to 825 winning wagers placed for last night’s Play4 Night drawing,1958 was a very good year!

As the winning Play4 Night number drawn for February 22, 2015, the total prize payout for 1-9-5-8 was also very BIG—$1,184,176!

Depending on the amount wagered, players could have won $2,500 (for a $.50 wager) up to $25,000 (for a $5.00 wager). While 321 wagers were played Straight, another 504 were played as Box or Combo, which means that maybe 1985 was really the bigger year of the two!

Since the Play4 Night game began February 1998, 1-9-5-8 has been drawn a total of three times. The last time it was drawn was on December 14, 2008.



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