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Over a Half-Billion Dollars in Jackpot Prizes Are Up for Grabs!Over a half-billion dollars in collective jackpot prize money is up for grabs this week, and so is your chance to be a CT Lottery millionaire!

Three jackpot drawings—for a combined total of $501.4 million—will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday night:

• Drawn Tuesday at 10:38pm, Connecticut’s Lotto jackpot is an estimated $2.4 million with a cash prize value of $1.9 million.

• Later that night, the Mega Millions drawing for an estimated $321 million jackpot and a cash prize value of $194.1 million will take place at 11pm. It is this game’s 8th largest jackpot on record.

• Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot carries an annuity value of $178 million and a cash prize of $111.1 million. The drawing will occur at 10:59pm.

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