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Link Up and Win Big with Lucky Links with 2XPOWER Draw Game!A whole new way to play from the CT Lottery begins Sunday, April 26 when Lucky Links™ with 2XPOWER draw game tickets go on sale statewide.

What makes Lucky Links with 2XPOWER unique is the “play grid” printed on each ticket. The 9-spot grid contains 8 differently numbered spots which are then compared to the numbers drawn by the Lottery in the game’s mid-day and evening drawings. A “$” in the middle of the grid is a “free spot” that is used to form lines. A win occurs when at least 2 lines are made on the play grid. The maximum number of lines that can be made on a ticket is 8. Prizes that can be won range from $5 up to $50,000 in each drawing. By adding the “2XPOWER” multiplying feature to a ticket, some of the game’s prizes can be doubled.

About Lucky Links with 2XPOWER:
  • A Lucky Links with 2XPOWER ticket costs $3. There are 6 prize levels in the game, 4 of the prize levels double when 2XPOWER is activated at time of purchase. A ticket without 2XPOWER is $2.
  • Tickets are “Quick Pick” only, so no playslips are needed.
  • A ticket’s play grid displays 8 different numbers between 1 and 22. The center spot on each ticket is a “free spot.”
  • 8 numbers between 1 – 22 are drawn in each mid-day and night drawing. These numbers should be compared to the numbers on a ticket’s play grid.
  • Lines are made with 3 numbers (or 2 numbers plus the “$” free spot) in a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. The more Links you make the more you win!
  • Overall odds of winning any Lucky Links prize are 1 in 8.4. The top prize is subject to split prize liability and may be lower than noted.
To learn about Lucky Links with 2XPOWER and watch the game’s drawings, visit the CT Lottery’s YouTube channel HERE!



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